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Our mission at planIThow is driven by our story. We are a family of five struggling to find the time to keep up with life! We know we aren't the only ones struggling and wanted to figure out how we could make a difference. We all have talents, interests and hobbies but rarely do we have the time to enjoy them. Our goal at planIThow is to show people their time is worth something!

The idea for planIThow came about after many exhausting nights planning our oldest daughter's 5th birthday party. We spent weeks looking at picture after picture of amazing childrens' parties. We could not understand how those parents made it happen. We knew we did not have the time, or experience, to put together the party we wanted. That left us wondering; how did these other parents find the time to put it together when we could barely find the time to have a conversation?

The frustration we experienced got us asking questions about where our time was going. Did you ever wonder where your time goes? A lot of us spend lots of time online for many different reasons. Sometimes we're just online to keep up with family and friends. Sometimes we're shopping or researching. But we also spend a lot of time planning vacations and events. 

We put together a survey to ask people how much free time they felt they had, and how often they planned events and vacations. The results clearly showed there are a lot of us, with little or no free time, who spend lots of time doing these things on our own. Why? We are not travel agents so why are we booking our own vacations? All we know is where we want to go, but we rarely know the area we're going to so we have to research it. We are not event planners so why are we coordinating an event in our "spare" time? Why are we spending so much time doing someone else's job?

Initially we thought the answer was to save money; but guess what? You really don't save much, if anything at all, and potentially lose out on some great tips and tricks. You're guaranteed, however, to spend a lot of your time. Isn't your time worth something? Isn't it at least worth finding out what these services cost before you invest all your time? We think so and we're here to prove it.

At planIThow we want to value your time because we value our time. We look back at our daughter's birthday party and wonder how much better it would have been to have someone else worry about putting it together. We could just focus on having fun with our kids. The day should have been about her, not about getting the theme right. Let someone with the experience and knowledge do the work so you can enjoy the experience!

Thank you for visiting us at planIThow. If you're a consumer, we know our service can help you get some of your time back to do those things you never have time for. If you're a service provider, we know our service can help you connect with a world of new customers who will be thrilled to get their lives back! Please sign up so we can update you on our progress or click on the Contact link to send us any questions or comments!

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