Yes you can REALLY save money AND time working with a travel agent

I know it sounds hard to believe, but it really is true; you can save time and money working with a travel agent. Go ahead and google "save time with a travel agent" and see what you find. You can try it out firsthand at planIThow by requesting a travel quote and comparing what comes back with what you find! There are plenty of sources to back up this claim, but still people are hesitant to try it out. Why?

Maybe people are worried about fees. No matter where you book, online or with a travel agent, there will be fees. But let's assume there are additional fees. If you can save money, even including the fees, does it really matter? A recent study showed an average savings of $452 per trip. There are other sources which mention a savings of $500-1000 on an airline ticket by working with the right agent. 

Maybe people are afraid of being pushed into upgrades or additional services they're not interested in. Just remember, you're the boss. Travel agents are professionals who will find you the right deal with the features you want. They may offer you additional features/excursions/services based on their experience, but you are in no way required to accept them. Isn't it better to know what's available and decide what's right for you before you book the trip? Maybe there is something you didn't consider, a the discount available only when you book an excursion early.

The biggest advantage to working with a travel agent is the time savings. How many times have you checked 25 different sites, 50 different times for weeks on end trying to find the right deal? Have ever considered how much time you're spending doing it? Our own survey showed people spend an average of 8 hours booking a vacation! A recent study suggested working with an agent could save you up to 4 hours per trip. That is a lot of time to spend doing someone else's job and you really don't save any money!  According to that same study; on average, a travel agent can save you around $450 a trip!

You can request a NO OBLIGATION travel quote at planIThow today. You can have as few as 3 or as many as 10 agents send you quotes so you can compare. We'll even help you determine whether it is worth your time to request a quote in the first place! The first step is figuring out what your time is worth, then how long it would take you to book on your own. We'll let you know if it makes sense to do it yourself or hire an agent. This really is a win-win because you get a better appreciation of your time and the travel agents get an opportunity to win your business. And it doesn't cost you a DIME!

Give planIThow a try today and see what your time is worth.

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