Ready to be the boss?

Not enough time to read this whole post? Here is the Cliff's notes version: stop doing everything yourself! Find out more here.

Still here? We have a simple mission at planIThow to figure out ways to save people time. Sometimes it is the simplest things that take up a lot of our time. Most of us book vacations online on our own. We get a bit of a thrill out of finding deals. If you've spent hours clicking around and get excited when you find a $5 coupon, then you've come to the right place.

You may be suffering from Internet Searching Syndrome, which is a condition where you feel compelled to keep searching for a better deal. It happens to a lot of us, all the time. It can lead to paralyzing indecision, wasted effort, frustration, fatigue and sometimes a truly better deal. But is it worth all that effort to save a few dollars? After all, do you have a concept what your time is worth?

We didn't have a concept of our time's value so we tried to define it. Our method may not be perfect but it is based on the concept of supply and demand. The more time you have, the less it is worth. The more you have, the less it is worth. Your time may be worth a lot more than your realize.

We are working on different ways for people to save time, but our first recommendation is to use a travel agent. A recent study found people can save 4 hours per vacation working with a travel agent, on average. Imagine what you would do with some additional time back in your life?

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Want to see how this all works? Go ahead and find out what your time is worth and, if you're serious about taking a vacation, request a travel quote. Get ready to be the boss!


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