Interested in giving back?

Your time is a valuable resource and if you have any to spare, there are plenty of worthy causes out there who would love to hear from you! At planIThow we hope as people recognize ways they can save time, they also think about ways they can invest their time. There are many ways to give back within your community or elsewhere. Below we offer a few suggestions, but please look within your community as this is not an exhaustive list! If you have suggestions for other causes, please let us know

Please note planIThow is not affiliated with any of the organizations listed below and offering these suggestions only as a courtesy.

TimeBanks USA

TimeBanks USA offers a unique way to use your time in a time based economy with other TimeBanks members. There are TimeBanks chapters all over the country. The basic concept is providing a skill or service to a timebank member in exchange for time credits you can use to learn a skill or obtain a service from another timebank member. You can learn more on the TimeBanks USA website. You can also click below to search the directory for a TimeBanks chapter in your area.

American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA)

ABCUSA is Christian organization with member churches all over the country. Churches offer a great opportunity to give back within a community. lets you search within an area and see what volunteer opportunities are available. They connect good people with good causes!

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